The Buddy System

     My four year old talks a lot about his line partner in his pre-k class. He walks to lunch with his line partner, he goes to the yard with his line partner. It took me awhile to realize that a line partner is a new fangled way of saying buddy. Hearing about Trevor’s buddy and his reliance on his buddy for support, help, security, knowledge and friendship makes me think about my own friendships and “buddies”.  

     Healthy living isn’t always easy. It is almost always rewarding but not always easy. I am often asking clients about their support system at home or at work. Is there someone that can help you along the way? Is there someone that will try to make these changes along with you? Is there someone that you can call your buddy?

     A few weeks ago, one of my best friends, asked me to join a workout challenge for the month of May. She explained that this challenge had various rules to follow and required a lot more working out than I am used to. I immediately panicked. I found myself making excuses before it started.  Well, I won’t be able to work out for these two particular weekends in May….   I work long hours some days that I see clients so those days I won’t be able to work out….. Now keep in mind, I am an active person who already does work out frequently but any change to this, any increase, felt impossible.  Like a good buddy, my friend didn’t push. She started inviting other people to the challenge, started a group email, and just like that, I was in and I was in deep. I am working out more often than I ever thought I would have. Are there days I don’t want to? Of course. But now my nine other buddies are there, even just in name on a spreadsheet as they fill in their daily exercise, to support and push me. And with more exercise, comes more desire to eat healthy and clean up my diet more. Win win.

     So what is the point of this all?  I don’t think it matters how old we are: 4 or 40- we all need a buddy. Who is yours? Who can be yours? Who can you be a buddy for?


Posted on May 9, 2017 .