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When you think about going on a trip, certain words may come to your mind: relaxation, adventure, fun, leisure and sleep. When you start thinking about maintaining a healthy diet and active lifestyle while on said vacation, the thoughts may change to anxiety, stress and even dread.


I am about to go on a trip to Costa Rica next week. This trip is husband and kid free (Yay- don’t tell them I said that). While I am over the moon about a trip that is sure to be filled with adventure, lots of physical activity, bonding time with a bunch of great women, I can’t help but to be concerned about the food. Vacation doesn’t mean an escape from all realities, just some of them.


So lets discuss the traveling to get to your destination. Often, the planes, trains and automobiles to get to your final destination can be stressful, time consuming and boring which can often lead to eating and maybe drinking alcohol in excess. Contrary to what some people would like to believe, calories do count on the airplane. And if anything, you are getting yourself more dehydrated just by being on the plane, so alcohol is not on top of the list of good ideas.  The best answer to navigating an airport or airplane food options is to bring your own. I know this can be challenging, especially with TSA rules, but the effort needs to be made:

  • Plan for how long you will be on the road/plane and bring food accordingly. 

  • Bring extra food as you know boredom may lead to eating more and you may be delayed somewhere which may lead you to purchase something. 

Foods that you can bring or buy at airport include: fruit, cheese, yogurt, a salad, a healthy sandwich, nuts, carrots and hummus.  And always drink a lot of water! Like, a lot of water!

Once you arrive at your destination, the excitement and anticipation of having this upcoming time for yourself to enjoy will be overwhelming, in a good way. Don’t let this stray you from the path of setting yourself up with some go to foods and drinks:

  • If possible, ask ahead for a refrigerator in your hotel room so you can stock it with bottled water, and easy breakfast options like fruit, yogurt.  

  • Think about packing food with you that is simple such as oatmeal and/or nuts. 

  • Enjoy locally grown fruits and vegetables.  For example, I can't wait for a cup of coffee and a huge tropical fruit salad for breakfast. 

  • Sit down for a few minutes before hitting the beach and mentally plan how many days or nights you’ll be eating out and make a decision to try your best to eat healthy.

  • Plan ways to remain active every single day.  Try something new- mine is surf lessons next week, yikes! 


I don’t want you to live in regret that you spent your vacation eating rice cakes and apples, but do not let the regret be due to overindulging either.


Take home message here is to plan what you can and trust in your knowledge, motivation and drive to make this a healthy and fun vacation.  Bon voyage, readers!




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