Tried and True Nutrition, Inc.

"I'm a professional actor so I have to look my best. Recently I had gained some weight that wasn't meant for a role or any particular reason but I needed to lose it and was having a lot of trouble doing so. I was introduced to Pam Bonney, a nutritionist and registered dietitian, who co-owns Tried and True Nutrition and she completely changed the way I approached my diet with the Weight No More program. By doing simple little things differently I lost my first 10 pounds in 2 weeks. Not only do I look better but I feel better and understand how to keep the weight off! Pam also creates custom weekly recipes that are delicious and add variety. She gives you a suggested shopping list that makes everything easier.  She encouraged me to call her with any questions which I always had. Thanks Pam!! You rock!!" Theis Weckesser, Actor/Model,   

"I began seeing Pam about three years ago due to an eating disorder that I suffered from for nearly eight years. Today, I am much happier, healthier, physically, mentally and emotionally thanks to her knowledge and encouragement. Our appointments motivate me to stay on the right track and she is always available via text or email. Pam is warm and easy to talk to. I can't thank her or recommend her enough!" Mary B, journalist, New York, NY

"Priya was warm, welcoming and very thorough on our first meeting. Immediately felt comfortable and at home Speaking with her. She provided wonderful recipes that are easy to make. I have lost about 14 lbs. while working with her. Priya is always available whenever I reach out to her with so much support. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking guidance on healthy balanced eating. I feel so much more confident and happy!" Kelly H, 35, nurse practitioner, Brooklyn, NY

"Priya is an excellent practitioner and nutritionist. She does a thorough assessment and is extremely knowledgeable. She was able to help me very quickly with the issues that I presented to her in our first visit. She is also very respectful, sensitive and has excellent communication skills. I felt that she was always available to me if I had any questions between our sessions. The thing I appreciated the most about her was, although I was there to lose weight, her focus was on how and what I ate; she never weighed me and never made me feel at all uncomfortable about my weight and food choices. With her positive support and directions I have lost weight, while eating healthier and more consciously (without being self conscious or feeling deprived) as a result. I feel like I am on the right track for the first time in a long time. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone!" Penny D, social worker, New York, NY

"Pam and Priya did an excellent job at my office. They were able to come in, quickly assess my employees' needs and design a program and on-site demonstration that was appropriate, insightful and enjoyable for all involved. My staff reported gaining a lot from them coming in. " John, Senior VP, New York, NY

"I've always been what I considered a healthy vegan but it turns out I was focused on the wrong thing.  Since starting the Tried and True Nutrition Program 11 days ago, all my pains are ebbing away, my spinal flexibility is improving, I feel younger! Everyone on the planet needs this program!" Marc, art collector, San Diego, CA