Tried and True Nutrition, Inc.

Tried and True Nutrition offers a variety of services that are tailored to each client's needs.  Services include:


Nutrition Consultations
(60 minute initial session; 30 minute follow up sessions)
A thorough assessment of the client’s overall health, including nutrition and medical history, review of pertinent labs and medications, and analysis of current diet is conducted. Consultations include customized health and nutrition recommendations to empower clients to set realistic goals. Follow up sessions are recommended to monitor progress, provide answers to questions and further motivate the client.


Menu and Recipe Analysis
Do you have a special recipe you want to continue making? Is there a dish you love at a favorite restaurant of yours? Tried and True Nutrition can analyze these meals and provide comprehensive advice on how this can be tailored to meet your needs.


Grocery Store Tours
(60 and 90 minute tours available at your local market)
Individual and group tours can be tailored to any need, including those of specific health conditions such as diabetes, food allergies and intolerances, weight management, vegetarianism.  Grocery store activities can include menu planning, food selection, food label reading and healthy shopping on a budget.


Concierge Services

In-Home Consultations

Home visits are customized to the needs of the client and their family, and         include a complete nutrition consultation, a refrigerator and pantry "makeover”, discussion of cooking techniques, and recipe modifications.  Weekly menus can also be planned. We are available for visits in New York City, New Jersey and Long Island.

Online/Phone Support
If you do not live in the NYC or Long Island area, or would like consistent contact with your nutritionist in between sessions, we offer our consultations via email, text, online or phone. 

Corporate Wellness Programs
Tried and True Nutrition is available to lecture or lead interactive workshops on a variety of food and nutrition topics such as Healthy Eating in the Workplace, Managing Diabetes, Heart Healthy Eating, How to Feed Picky Eaters, Eating on a Budget, Eating During the Holidays, Dining Out, and any other topic of interest.  We work with all types of corporate clients from large firms to small start ups.  We offer lectures and lecture series, lunch workshops, desk-side sessions and office pantry makeovers.  We are happy to create a customized program to suit your office needs.